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Space Power Awards 2018-2019

Every two years the Space Power Laboratory (SPL) will offer awards to the most creative students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs. The SPL STEM Awards program is being extended to select high schools and junior colleges as well as continuing to acknowledge the creativity of upper level undergraduate students.

New guidelines will be published with the 2018-2019 formal announcement.

It is the belief of sponsors and partners that including students from a broader range of secondary and post-secondary colleges and universities will more effectively fulfill our goal of increasing students interests in energy and power disciplines for aerospace and terrestrial solutions.


Above: Martian smart structures membrane drone conceptualized to be deployed in hundreds to cover the Martian atmosphere and surface providing a remote sensing, communications and navigation network for future explorers and autonomous system networks. Below: The original membrane device concept integrated for autonomous micro aerial vehicles, membrane drones.

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